Pathologists' Assistant Locum Tenens by Doris Schuler-Maloney, M.S., PA(ASCP) - ContactPathologists' Assistant Locum Tenens by Doris Schuler-Maloney, M.S., PA(ASCP) - Contact

Doris Schuler-Maloney, PA(ASCP)CM

Autopsy Services and Pathologists' Assistant independent contractor
as DSM PathWorks, Inc.
CV and references available upon request

Why DSM PathWorks?

  • Contract directly with person doing the work
  • Competitive base rates
  • Establish ongoing working partnership or
  • Provide one-time coverage
  • Schedule well in advance, or
  • May be available with limited notice
  • 1099 work, business to business
  • Incorporated since 1998

Benefits of PA Locum tenens

  • Keep permanent staff happy !
  • Permanent staff concentrates on their work
  • Maintain work volume with less disruption
  • Provide continuity of service for planned or unplanned staff absences or temporary high volume times
    • vacation
    • continuing medical education
    • maternity leave
    • medical leave
    • while recruiting
    • waiting for new hire to start
    • cover PA working on other assignments (voice recognition, LIS, LEAN, etc.)
    • help cover high volume/busy times without commitment of FTE

Why Doris?

  • Pathologists' Assistant since 1983, with 25 years in large busy community hospital (800 beds; annual department volume, 33,000 surgicals/50-100 autopsies)
  • Highly skilled grossing wide variety of simple to complex specimens, and performing autopsies from gross exam to PAD
  • Expertise in placenta, large bowel, gynecologic and breast gross pathology, and other cancer cases
  • Provide quality sections, clear and concise dictation, comprehensive yet succinct descriptions and accurate tissue selection
  • Team player with commitment to pathologists and staff, contributing to outstanding care of the patient
  • Flexible, tolerant, and patient
  • Fast learner of your systems
  • Seamless integration into your workflow and pace
Doris circa 1993 teaching; Pathologists' Assistant Locum Tenens by Doris Schuler-Maloney, M.S., PA(ASCP)

Services Available

  • Surgical pathology - from biopsies to complex cases; gross description, dissection, gross photography, etc.
  • Autopsy pathology - infant, pediatric & adult; chart review, gross exam, evisceration, brain removal, photography, prosection, section selection and submission, gross description, PAD
  • Administrative - procedure manuals, training, inspection readiness
  • Full time or part time
  • Weekends, second shift
  • Flexible to accommodate your needs


  • Locum tenens experience in variety of institutions
  • Pathologists' Assistant Training Program, University of Maryland at Baltimore
  • M.S. degree in Pathology, University of Maryland at Baltimore
  • ASCP Certified Pathologists' Assistant
  • Current professional liability insurance coverage
  • Independent contractor as DSM PathWorks

Professional Accomplishments

  • Organized, detail oriented and able to focus
  • Resource person for pathologists and anatomic pathology staff for specimen handling and grossing
  • Developed gross room staff and procedures to ensure reliable superior product in atmosphere of patience and tolerance
  • Developed expertise in placental gross pathology
  • Wrote placenta textbook The Placenta: To Know Me Is To Love Me and companion atlas
  • Hold patent for Placental Triage Kit (PTK)
  • Enjoy learning and sharing knowledge by mentoring, lecturing, presenting workshops and writing
  • Three-time winner of American Association of Pathologists' Assistants Newsletter Award
  • Recipient of American Association of Pathologists' Assistants Distinguished Service Award