Pathologists' Assistant Locum Tenens

Wendy Peloquin and Doris Schuler-Maloney are independent contractors who provide Pathologists' Assistant locum tenens coverage nationally for Surgical Pathology gross rooms. Short term, long term, all shifts, weekdays and weekends available.

Currently, Doris primarily offers autopsy services through , and may be available for short term and regional Surgical Pathology coverage, as well as regional and local autopsy coverage.

Wendy and Doris bring decades of experience into your gross room, having worked fulltime and as locum tenens in a variety of institutions including small and large, busy community and university hospitals, including prestigous facilities such as Stanford University and Brigham & Women's Hospital.

Both are organized, detail oriented and able to focus, to provide high volume, high quality work, in your department, adapting quickly to new environments, melding easily with new co-workers, managers and pathologists, with seamless integration into your work system.

Doris also provides autopsy coverage and tissue procurement services nationwide.

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    Wendy, PA(ASCP)cm     Doris, PA(ASCP)cm

• Wendy and Doris both are graduates of Master's level Pathologists' Assistant training programs and certified by the ASCP.

• Wendy is an independent contractor doing business as Pathology Services. Doris is an independent contractor doing business as DSM PathWorks, Inc.

In partnership with , we offer nationwide private autopsy, medicolegal autopsy, tissue retrieval services and more.

With a strong reputation for professionalism, excellence and dedication, we provide these services to families, hospitals, law firms, insurance companies, funeral directors, medical examiners and pathology groups.

We have decades of experience in autopsy pathology and are driven by, and committed to compassionate, high quality service.

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  • Private autopsy
  • Tissue retrieval and specialized autopsy
  • Brain and tissue donation
  • And more ...

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Placental Triage

Learn to read the diary of gestation ! Frequently discarded without a moment's consideration, the placenta potentially offers clues to the condition of the intrauterine environment during gestation. These clues may help the newborn infant, Mom or perhaps even a future child. But unless the placenta is examined, those clues will never be revealed.

Despite it's daunting appearance, the placenta is a simple and straight forward organ to examine. In as little as 90 seconds, it can be triaged in the birthing room, making quick note of normal characteristics and identifying potential abnormalities which merit further examination in Surgical Pathology with subsequent correlation to the clinical condition of Mother and child.

Learn how to perform placental triage

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Read articles which discuss clinical-pathological correlation of some placental conditions

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